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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Elaine Yiu in Hearts of Fencing (2003) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in Revolving Doors of Vengeance (2005) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in Can't Buy Me Love (2010) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in The Life and Times of a Sentinel (2011) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in Slow Boat Home (2013) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in Swipe Tap Love (2014) - TV Series


Elaine Yiu in Shades of Life (2014) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in Rear Mirror (2014) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu in Raising the Bar (2015) - TV Drama Series


Elaine Yiu Photos: (Elaine Yiu in I Love Hong Kong)

Elaine Yiu in I Love Hong Kong (2011) - Movie

TV Shows:

Fluffie Sarena (2019)

Roaming Siblings (2018)

The Sisterhood Traveling Gang (2017)

Wellness on the Go (2017)

Neighborhood Treasures 7 (2017) - Guest

World's Great Parties (2015) - Host

Sze U Tonight (2015) - Guest

Fortune All Around (2014) - Guest

Bet Your Remember (2014) - Guest

Neighborhood Treasures 5 (2013) - Guest

Super Trio Maximus (2013) - Guest

Summer Stars Gone Wild (2013)

Battle of the Senses (2012) - Guest

Big Fun SE Asia (2012) - Guest

Big Fun Canton (2011) - Guest

What the Face? (2011) - Guest

Super Trio Game Master (2010) - Guest

Eat This Way (2010) - Guest

Checkerboard Jackpot (2010) - Guest

Filmography as actress:


I Love Hong Kong (2011)

TV Series:

Justice Sung (2023)

The Righteous Fists (2022)

The Ringmaster (2021)

Flying Tiger III (2021)

The Runner (2020)

Of Greed and Ants (2020)

Justice Bao: The First Year (2019)

Succession War (2018)

The Tofu War (2017)

The Unholy Alliance (2017)

Midnight Food Store (2017)

ICAC Investigators 2016 (2016)

Come Home Love 2 (2015)

Angel in the Making (2015)

The Executioner (2015)

Captain of Destiny (2015)

Every Step You Take (2015)

Raising the Bar (2015)

Rear Mirror (2014)

Shades of Life (2014)

Swipe Tap Love (2014)

Outbound Love (2014)

A Change of Heart (2013)

Slow Boat Home (2013)

Come Home Love (2012)

Missing You (2012)

Highs and Lows (2012)

King Maker (2012)

Sergeant Tabloid (2012)

Bottled Passion (2011)

The Life and Times of a Sentinel (2011)

Only You (2011)

Some Day (2010)

Beauty Knows No Pain (2010)

When Lanes Merge (2010)

Ghost Writer (2010)

Can't Buy Me Love (2010)

In the Eye of the Beholder (2010)

Burning Flame 3 (2009)

Love Kickoff (2009)

Speech of Silence (2008)

A Journey Called Life (2008)

The Gentle Crackdown 2 (2008)

Last One Standing (2008)

The Seventh Day (2008)

The Ultimate Crime Fighter (2007)

Maiden's Vow (2006)

Safe Guards (2006)

Always Ready (2005)

Revolving Doors of Vengeance (2005)

To Catch the Uncatchable (2004)

Hearts of Fencing II: Sunshine Heartbeat (2004)

Hearts of Fencing (2003)

Elaine Yiu 姚子羚


Full NameElaine Yiu
Date of Birth21 November, 1980
Place of BirthHong Kong
OriginHong Kong
Other NamesYao Ziling, Yao Zi-Ling, Yiu Tse-Lin, Yiu Wai-Ling

Filmography (2011-2021)


  Actor (2 films)

  I Love Hong Kong (2011) ... Lady in period costume

  The Righteous Fists (2021)

Elaine Yiu Chi-Ling




Television dramas
2003Hearts of Fencing"Man Man" Lam Suet-manMajor Supporting Role
2004Sunshine HeartbeatGuest Appearance
To Catch the UncatchableBebe Lai Siu-manEp. 3-6
2005Revolving Doors of VengeanceChloe Cheng Ho-yiMajor Supporting Role
2006Always ReadyCally Ko Ho-oiMajor Supporting Role
Safe GuardsLee Cheung-fung1st Female Lead
Maidens' VowLily Cheung LeiSupporting Role
2007The Ultimate Crime FighterMaria Keung Nga-chuiSupporting Role
2008The Gentle Crackdown IITong ShuiSupporting Role
The Seventh DayJade Yeung Hau-yiMajor Supporting Role
A Journey Called LifeHana Cheung Hoi-naSupporting Role
Speech of SilenceKary Chai Ka-yiMajor Supporting Role
Last One StandingMandy Tong Hoi-manMajor Supporting Role
2009Burning Flame IIIMinnie Cheuk ManMajor Supporting Role
2010In the Eye of the BeholderShek LauMajor Supporting Role
Ghost WriterLau Sum-yinSupporting Role
When Lanes MergeVivian Cho Mei-waiMajor Supporting Role
Beauty Knows No PainPinky WongGuest Appearance (Ep. 20)
Can't Buy Me LoveChor KiuCameo (Ep. 15)
Some DayIvy Leng Mei-szeCameo
2011Only You"KaKa" EricaEp. 27–30
Face To FateNg Mao-danSupporting Role
The Life and Times of a SentinelMan Kwan (Imperial Noble Consort)Major Supporting Role
2011–12Bottled PassionKo Yee-kiuMajor Supporting Role
2012King MakerTung Yuk-kiuMajor Supporting Role
2012–13Missing Youyoung Hui Yuk-muiGuest Appearance
2013Sergeant TabloidSo Sing-puiEp. 19–21
Warehoused; released overseas April 2012
Slow Boat HomeSo Fung-nei / To Fung-neiSupporting Role
A Change of HeartYip Wing YanSupporting Role
2014Outbound LoveHong Yi-kiuMajor Supporting Role
Swipe Tap LoveEmma Choi YinMajor Supporting Role
Shades of LifeTung Oi-tung1st Female Lead
Rear MirrorMui Man-yiSupporting Role
2015Raising the BarVivian CheungMajor Supporting Role
Come Home LoveHoi NingGuest Appearance
Every Step You TakeYuen YuenMajor Supporting Role
Captain of DestinyImperial Consort Yim / So Fung-neiMajor Supporting Role
Angel In-the-MakingSylvia To Sin-faMajor Supporting Role
2015–16The ExecutionerYuen So-samMajor Supporting Role
2016ICAC Investigators 2016Wendy LiSupporting Role
2017The Unholy AllianceKate Wai Yi-yauMajor Supporting Role
The Tofu WarCeline Kei Hiu-yingMajor Supporting Role
2018Succession WarChang MeiMajor Supporting Role
2019Justice Bao: The First YearKei Lim-lim2nd Female Lead
2020Of Greed and AntsShui Man-ching1st Female Lead
2021The RunnerCarrie Ho Ka-yan1st Female Lead
The RingmasterAnson Lui Kin1st Female Lead
Flying Tiger 3Tao Yi-yingMajor Supporting Role
2022The Righteous FistsKam Fuk-mui2nd Female Lead
TBA一舞傾城Michelle1st Female Lead
狀王之王[Bak Ling-lung1st Female Lead


  • I Love Hong Kong (2011)


YearAward CeremonyCategoryDrama / RoleResults
2015TVB Star Awards MalaysiaFavourite TVB Supporting ActressRaising the Bar as Vivian Cheung Wai-wanWon
Top 16 Favourite TVB Drama CharactersWon
TVB Anniversary AwardsBest Supporting ActressCaptain of Destiny as Imperial Consort YimWon
2017StarHub TVB AwardsMy Favourite TVB Female TV CharacterThe Unholy Alliance as Kate Wai Yee-yauWon
TVB Star Awards MalaysiaFavourite TVB Supporting ActressWon

Elaine Yiu

Elaine Yiu (born 21 November, 1980 in British Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong actress and television host contracted to TVB.



Elaine Yiu
暱稱 / 別名
姚美人 Baby
Daddy, Mum, 家姐, 妹妹
2002《TVB8 全能主持比賽》冠軍

雞蛋仔, 珍珠奶茶, 芋頭, 甜不辣, 烤玉米, (台灣食品) Almond Chocolate
背叛 - 曹格 存愛 我恨我愛你 - 張慧妹 Sing a love song - 方大同
台灣, 北海道, 馬爾代夫
purple, black
狗 - 特別是我家的寶貝小肥 哈哈~
唱歌, 旅遊, 籃球